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Sod or Seed?

Sodding and seeding are the two main options to grow fresh green grass. In this post we will explore the differences between them to understand the advantages and disadvantages to each.


Sodding is the process of transplanting mature turf that has been maintained by a professional. It is installed by rolling out pieces of turf onto fresh topsoil that has been properly graded. Sod can be purchased from most local landscape suppliers and can be installed by professionals or homeowners. Sod is typically more expensive than grass seed since the grass has already grown and matured. Although it is the more expensive option, you get “instant grass” that immediately looks beautiful and can be walked on shortly after installation.

Advantages of sodding…
  • “instant grass”
  • quick root growth
  • can be installed at almost anytime of the year as long as water is readily available (best installation times are typically spring and fall seasons)
  • can be walked on/used shortly after installation
  • can be laid on flat or slopped areas
  • usually a clean installation
  • one-time process if it is properly cared for after installation
Disadvantages of sodding…
  • can be expensive especially when hiring a professional to do the installation process
  • may not be completely weed-free
  • can survive well in sunny areas but sometimes does not do well in shady areas


Seeding is the process which grass seed is spread and planted in nutrient-rich soil in order to grow new grass. Grass seed can be purchased at almost any hardware store or landscape supplier and anyone can apply it to their own yard. This is usually cheaper than sodding but it takes much more time and energy to get grass to grow. 

Advantages of seeding…
  • less expensive than sodding
  • can be done by anyone
  • can grow in sun and shade if appropriate sun/shade variety is purchased
  • weed free
Disadvantages of seeding…

  • grass does not instantly grow and is a long-term process
  • lots of time and attention needed for watering/caring for and possibly fertilizing
  • lawn usage should be avoided until grass seed fully grows
  • can be messy depending on lawn conditions
  • seed should only be planted during optimal growing conditions or seasons (optimal temperature is around 16°C and the best growing seasons are spring and early fall)
  • should be installed on relatively flat areas since grass seed can be washed away off of slopes
  • reseeding may be necessary if seeds blow/wash away
  • Might need to reseed multiple times


So which option is better? Truth be told, with the right application and proper amount of care, sodding and seeding can both be great methods to grow a new lawn. It all depends on your preferences and budget. If you don’t mind spending money and want a lawn that will immediately look good that can be used right away then you should sod your lawn. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and can go without a beautiful looking lawn immediately, then you should seed your lawn (but prepare to take the time to care for it!).

Here at Northern Lawns & Landscapes, we can provide you with professional sodding or seeding services if you live in the GTA West area. If you would like to get in contact with us, click here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post where we will share how to successfully sod or seed a lawn.

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