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Benefits of Mulching Grass Clippings

Some people prefer to spend the time and effort bagging their lawn clippings when mowing their lawn. Others choose to save the time and mulch their clippings instead. No matter which mowing method you choose, there are benefits to both!


Mulching Grass Clippings

Most people decide to mulch their grass clippings because it saves time. Leaving your clippings on your lawn is quicker than bagging them since you do not have to take the time to empty the grass catcher and haul bags of grass around your yard. One of the most important things you can do for your lawn is “feed” it regularly with nutrients such as potassium and nitrogen. Mulching grass clippings can do just that and provide natural nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lawn.

Bagging Grass Clippings

The main reason to bag grass clippings is to maintain an aesthetically pleasing lawn. Another reason for bagging clippings is to avoid making a mess on outdoor surfaces as well as tracking grass into your home. Some people believe that mulching clippings will leave clumps of grass on their lawn and so they decide to bag their clippings however, this is not true if done properly.


Things to Consider…

When mulching grass clippings keep in mind that you should keep your mower blade sharp and avoid mowing when grass is wet. Failure to do so will create grass clipping clumps which looks unprofessional and can kill the grass underneath since photosynthesis is disrupted. If for whatever reason you do discover grass clipping clumps on your lawn after mowing, then you should consider removing them either by raking them up or blowing them off your lawn using a leaf blower. Usually mowing on a regular basis at the appropriate height should prevent grass clumps from occurring.

There are some situations when collecting your grass clippings is highly recommended by lawn care professionals. If you notice weeds or signs of disease you should bag the clippings to avoid spreading the problem.


The Verdict: To Bag or To Mulch?

Some people decide to mulch clippings to save time and others prefer to bag clippings for aesthetic reasons. There is nothing wrong with either.

Here at Northern Lawns & Landscapes we typically take a hybrid approach of bagging and mulching depending on the circumstances and our customers preferences.

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